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SB573: Saving Pets & Taxpayer Dollars

In California, we needlessly spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on sheltering and euthanizing pets. By requiring municipal shelters to microchip sheltered dogs and cats upon adoption, this will bill will reunite pets with owners, significantly reduce the number of euthanized pets, and save taxpayer dollars.

SB653: Expanding Access to Dental Care

Access to dental screenings and care is increasingly difficult, especially for low-income and special needs patients; only 15% of dentists participate as Denti-Cal providers.  This bill will improve access to preventive dental hygiene care by allowing dental hygienists the flexibility to work in more public health programs.

SB798: Protecting Women from Online Harassment

53% of women surveyed said they had received unsolicited lewd images online or via text. This bill addresses the growing online epidemic of unsolicited lewd images through digital means by providing victims with legal recourse.

SB891: Holding the Lottery Accountable to Funding Our Schools

According to a recent audit requested by Senator Chang, the California State Lottery owes schools $36 million in funding and fails to maximize funding for education.  This bill requires the Lottery to appropriate $36 million to schools and ensure they stop shortchanging education.

SB922: Fighting Cyber Crimes

Computer hacking and other cybercrimes are on the rise and harming businesses and consumers. 73% of Americans have been a victim of cyber hacking. This bill will bring cybercriminals to justice and find resolution for their victims by making it easier to prosecute serious cybercrimes, including hacking and ransomware.

SB1018: Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes

This bill creates an official Governor’s Memorial Certificate which will be presented to the surviving family members of a departed service member in remembrance of their service and sacrifice for our country.

SB1055: Working to End Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprises. Unfortunately recent laws make it easier for traffickers to return to the communities they had previously victimized. This bill adds the heinous crime of human trafficking to the list of violent felonies to ensure that traffickers are punished appropriately.

SB1112: Tackling Homelessness

California has been struggling to address its homelessness crisis. As of last year, about 151,000 Californians are homeless - nearly a quarter of the nation’s total homeless population. This bill will provide law enforcement with resources to support collaborative co-responder team programs that help bring homeless individuals off the streets and connect them with programs that help get them back on their feet. 

SB1123: Protecting Elderly from Abuse

Seniors and dependent adults are more vulnerable and more susceptible to physical, emotional, and financial abuse than other populations. This bill will clarify the definitions of elder and dependent adult abuse so law enforcement agencies will have accurate terms to use in the course of reporting or investigating claims of abuse.

SB1289: Expanding Access to Affordable Housing

The cost of living in Southern California has skyrocketed and housing is not only consuming a greater proportion of family budgets, but also out of reach for others. Sponsored by the City of Fullerton, this bill will clear the regulatory red tape for housing projects that meet specific standards.

SB1334: Protecting Victims in Court

Too often offenders are preying on their victims twice - First through the crime that was committed, and then by hiding their money to avoid paying damages in court.  For some victims, court mandated damages are their only recourse. Denied payment is denied justice.  This bill will prevent this by allowing evidence of a defendant’s attempts to evade payment by hiding assets to be admissible in court.

This bill would also allow evidence of a defendant’s attempts to evade payment by fraudulent conveyance of assets to be admissible in court.

SCR85: Closing the Gender Gap in STEM

Females are historically underrepresented in STEM careers and education. Supporting women in STEM is critical to achieving greater economic success and equality for women. This would declare April 5 - April 11 as Women and Girls in STEM week.

SR71: Helping the Fight Against Heart Disease

Recognized the month of February as American Heart Month in California to raise awareness of the importance of the ongoing fight against heart disease and stroke.


SB 35 - Comprehensive Human Trafficking Task Force & Study

California hosts the highest rate of human trafficking in the United States yet lacks a good picture of what human trafficking looks like throughout the entire state. This bill creates a uniform system for governments and organizations to work together and includes the first comprehensive study on trafficking in California.

SB 64 - Pet Microchipping Bill

Microchipping your four-legged friends will save pets and taxpayer dollars while reducing the number of dogs and cats that are euthanized. This bill requires municipal animal shelters to microchip any dog or cat that is adopted or claimed by a pet owner.

SB 180 – CRISPR Warning Label

Requires sellers of genet therapy kits to include a notice prior to the point of sale, as well as albel on the package that states that CRISPR kits are not intended for self-administration.

SB 239 – Felony Computer Hacking

Adopts the same statute of limitations for a felony violation of Penal Code second 502 (computer hacking crimes) as a civil prosecution.

SB 245 – Pets for Vets

Calls on animal shelters throughout the state to waive pet adoption fees for military veterans. California is home to 2 million military veterans, including many who struggle to cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and could benefit from an animal companion.

SB 348 – Artificial Intelligence

Enacts proposals to ensure that state agencies drat a strategic plan for the use of Artificial Intelligence.

SB 404 – Chino Hills State Park

Requires the Department of Parks and Recreation to provide all necessary assistance for the state’s acquisition and acceptance of four specified parcels from willing sellers that are adjacent to the Chino Hills State Park.

SB 573 – Homelessness Funding

Continuous appropriation for the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) through the general fund.

SB 648 – Drone Hit and Run Prevention

Establishes a policy for operators of drones in the event a drone is crashed and damages property or injures someone.

SB 675 – CODE Act / Lottery Funding

Increases funding from the lottery to fund computer science needs in schools.


SB 991 – Reinstate Funding for Human Trafficking Victims

Since 2014 the state has committed funding for programs with a proven record of helping human trafficking victims. This year's budget failed to fund these programs, leaving victims vulnerable. The Senate bill directs $15 million to the Office of Emergency Services that will include technical assistance and training for qualified nonprofit organizations.